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Christmas Sale!
Over 50 of our most popular YTC Summit collectibles at 10 - 15% off while supplies last. If you are only ordering jewelry, we will reduce your shipping rate by 50% or more before processing your charge!
2-Headed Dragon Hatchling - Available Now!2-Headed Dragon Hatchling - Available Now!
Abraxas Dragon - Available Now!Abraxas Dragon - Available Now!
Blue and Green Baby Dragon - Available Now!Blue and Green Baby Dragon - Available Now!
Blue and Yellow Dragon Hatchling - Available Now!Blue and Yellow Dragon Hatchling - Available Now!
Blue Baby Dragon - Available Now!Blue Baby Dragon - Available Now!
Blue Guardian - Available Now!Blue Guardian - Available Now!
Blue Water Dragon on Rock - Available Now!Blue Water Dragon on Rock - Available Now!
Braxus Pendant - Available Now!Braxus Pendant - Available Now!
Brinsop DragonBrinsop Dragon
Celtic Dragon Pendant - Available Now!Celtic Dragon Pendant - Available Now!
Dancing Dragon Earrings - Available Now!Dancing Dragon Earrings - Available Now!
Dancing Dragon Pendant - Available Now!Dancing Dragon Pendant - Available Now!
DOD - Wedding Couple - Available Now!DOD - Wedding Couple - Available Now!
Dragon Aithusa Pendant - Available Now!Dragon Aithusa Pendant - Available Now!
Dragon Ashtray - Available Now!Dragon Ashtray - Available Now!
Dragon Bo - Available Now!Dragon Bo - Available Now!
Dragon Igneel Earrings - Available Now!Dragon Igneel Earrings - Available Now!
Dragon Igneel Pendant - Available Now!Dragon Igneel Pendant - Available Now!
Dragon Kilgarrah Pendant - Available Now!Dragon Kilgarrah Pendant - Available Now!
Dragon Sand Timer - Available Now!Dragon Sand Timer - Available Now!
Dragon Spirit Pendant - Available Now!Dragon Spirit Pendant - Available Now!
Fiero - Available Now!Fiero - Available Now!
Furrybones® Pink Bun-Bun Pendant - Available Now!Furrybones® Pink Bun-Bun Pendant - Available Now!
Green Baby Dragon - Available Now!Green Baby Dragon - Available Now!
Green Ladon Pendant - Available Now!Green Ladon Pendant - Available Now!
Green Sulky Dragon - Available Now!Green Sulky Dragon - Available Now!
Gregory Dragon - Available Now!Gregory Dragon - Available Now!
Ornery Dragon - Available Now!Ornery Dragon - Available Now!
Pen - Chinese Dragon - Discontinued (only 6 left)Pen - Chinese Dragon - Discontinued (only 6 left)
Phineas Dragon Hatchling - Available Now!Phineas Dragon Hatchling - Available Now!
Purple and Pink Dragon - Available Now!Purple and Pink Dragon - Available Now!
Purple Surly Dragon - Available Now!Purple Surly Dragon - Available Now!
Red Baby Dragon - Available Now!Red Baby Dragon - Available Now!
Red Dragon on Rock - Available Now!Red Dragon on Rock - Available Now!
Saphir Baby Dragon - Available Now!Saphir Baby Dragon - Available Now!
Sulky Baby Dragon - Available Now!Sulky Baby Dragon - Available Now!
Surly Baby Dragon - Available Now!Surly Baby Dragon - Available Now!
Tiamat Pendant - Available Now!Tiamat Pendant - Available Now!
Vicious Dragon - Available Now!Vicious Dragon - Available Now!
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