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Pewter Wizards
Pewter Wizard Collection
Arthurian Side - Chess PiecesArthurian Side - Chess Pieces
Bold MagicBold Magic
Book Wizard w/Crystal Ball - Available Now!Book Wizard w/Crystal Ball - Available Now!
Braxus the Red Wizard - Available Now!Braxus the Red Wizard - Available Now!
Casting Mist SpellCasting Mist Spell
Crystal MasterCrystal Master
Crystal SpellCrystal Spell
Dark Lord with DragonDark Lord with Dragon
Death Wizard - Available Now!Death Wizard - Available Now!
Dragon StudiesDragon Studies
Dragon with Wizard RiderDragon with Wizard Rider
Dragon Wizard - Available Now!Dragon Wizard - Available Now!
Dragon's Perch - Available Now!Dragon's Perch - Available Now!
Dream WizardDream Wizard
Fantascene OneFantascene One
Gandalf - SmallGandalf - Small
Gandalf III - Available Now!Gandalf III - Available Now!
In the Dragon's ClawIn the Dragon's Claw
Keeper of the Kingdom - Available Now!Keeper of the Kingdom - Available Now!
Large Wizard from the Magic MistLarge Wizard from the Magic Mist
Large Wizard's Castle w/Crystals - Available Now!Large Wizard's Castle w/Crystals - Available Now!
Lucius Panderwagon - Available Now!Lucius Panderwagon - Available Now!
Mad Monk with CrystalMad Monk with Crystal
Magic InspirationMagic Inspiration
Magic ManMagic Man
Magic MasterMagic Master
Magic MasterMagic Master
Magic Master PendantMagic Master Pendant
Magic Master with CrystalMagic Master with Crystal
Merlin - Available Now!Merlin - Available Now!
Noah's Fantastik Ark - Available Now!Noah's Fantastik Ark - Available Now!
Oracle of Prophesy - Available Now!Oracle of Prophesy - Available Now!
Pumpkin Chariot - Available Now!Pumpkin Chariot - Available Now!
Rune Fey - Available Now!Rune Fey - Available Now!
Scroll SorceressScroll Sorceress
Scroll Wizard - Available Now!Scroll Wizard - Available Now!
Sentinel of Knowledge - Available Now!Sentinel of Knowledge - Available Now!
Small Wizard's CastleSmall Wizard's Castle
Sorcerer MaterializingSorcerer Materializing
Spell of the DragonSpell of the Dragon
Spellbinder Casting Ice-Flame SpellSpellbinder Casting Ice-Flame Spell
Star WizardStar Wizard
The Awakening - Available Now!The Awakening - Available Now!
The Binding - Available Now!The Binding - Available Now!
The Magic KeeperThe Magic Keeper
The Wizard of the Night Wind - Available Now!The Wizard of the Night Wind - Available Now!
Tholan The Wise - Available Now!Tholan The Wise - Available Now!
Throne of Alliance - Available Now!Throne of Alliance - Available Now!
Tristan Lore Mistress - Available Now!Tristan Lore Mistress - Available Now!
Unicorn WizardUnicorn Wizard
War Wizard - Available Now!War Wizard - Available Now!
Wizard from the Magic MistWizard from the Magic Mist
Wizard of the Crystal LightWizard of the Crystal Light
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